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Dunearn funeral flowers

Singapore Dunearn Road funeral flowers delivery to A Scottish name by origin, Dunearn was named after Dunearn House, the former Oldham Hall Boarding School situated on the road. The road is filled with tall trees such as Broad Leaf Mahogany, Kenanga, Droopy Cassia, Rhu and Jambu Laut. Located at the junction of Dunearn Road and Gilstead Road is the Home Nursing Foundation erected in 1966 to serve as the Singapore Family Planning Centre. Now, the World Health Organisation utilizes the building. Built in 1970, the Bougainvillea Park features a variety of Bougainvillea and other types of flowers. Private residential units built in over the years line Dunearn Road. Chancery Court, a HUDC made up of 84 maisonettes and 52 studio apartments was built in 1981.

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QF0638-Yellow Gerberas and White Gerberas Wreath
QF0638-Yellow Gerberas and White Gerberas Wreath
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