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Pasir Panjang funeral flowers

Singapore Pasir Panjang Road funeral flowers delivery to Pasir Panjang road has undergone many rounds of development. There were some Malay kampung houses that were displaced from the Kallang Basin area in the 1930s, many of which have also since been demolished. There are also villas, apartment and condominiums, the famous Tiger Balm Gardens (now Haw Par Villa), The Haven (now the Salvation Army Pasir Panjang Corps) and Pasir Panjang Park. Pasir Panjang Park was built before World War II. It is situated between Pasir Panjang Road and past Pepys Road. There is a group of colonial houses from the 1920s era at the end of Pepys Road overlooking the sea. Alexandra Road connects Pasir Panjang Road to River Valley Road.


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QF0638-Yellow Gerberas and White Gerberas Wreath
QF0638-Yellow Gerberas and White Gerberas Wreath
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